Real estate trends in Singapore


Today Singapore population is 5.736.319 and counting. This is per latest United Nation estimates. The total Singapore land is 700km2 meaning the density is 8155 people per km2. A 101.8% of the population live in the urban center. With such data, one thing is evident, land scarcity. With the population expected to continue rising, the market is in an exponentially high demand for housing than supply. Did you know Singapore is the 29th most densely populated city in the world? Let’s have a closer look at Singapore real estate values and explain some of the projection every future homeowner should be aware of.

Boom and bust cycles of Singapore real estate

Singapore real estate is a subject of the global economy. When there is a surge in the marketplace, real estate values in the country goes higher as well. When there is a bust in the global economy, real estate values drop as well. The reason behind the positive correlation is because investor appetite heavily influences Singapore real estate. When the economy is doing well, they investor drive the prices up. Come global economy bust; the demand disappears as investor restrain from investing. According to statistics, landed real estate values dropped by 17.6% in 2008 due to the global financial crisis. The economy had since started to recover with prices increasing by 87.7% with the highest amounts seen in 2013 before the government enacted measures to slow down the trend.

The current Singapore market

Since the peak in 2013, real estate values in Singapore have been on the downward trend. This is despite the increase in demand. In the last 13 consecutive quarters, real estate value for landed and no—landed has to feel down by 10% and 8% respectively. This is good news for Singaporean.

For a long time, Singapore market was profoundly affected by Asian Financial crisis with the prices doubling in 2009. Most financial observers say that despite the government intervention, Singapore real estate is a bubble and not unless the government upholds favorable prices to both investors and homeowners, its stability will collapse.

The private residential property index fell by 2.77% in the first quarter of 2017. This is the 13 consecutive fall in year to year real estate price as per Urban Redevelopment Authority. When adjusted for inflation, home prices fell by 3.45% in 13 quarters.

Below is the fall in prices for various regions.

Core Central Region

Prices of non-landed residential properties fell by -2.6% inflation-adjusted and 1.9% y-o-y to Q1.

Outside central region

Properties prices fell by -2.6% (inflation adjusted) or 2% during the year to Q1 2017.

Rents of central region

Property prices were down by -3.2 %( inflation adjusted) or 2.5% over the same period.

Regarding property stock, Singapore is set for its best performance in the next five years. This comes after investment improved in the city-state as it looks to recover from the upbeat economy with the trend projected to grow by more than 2% by the end of this year.  Currently, property stock index was trading at a price value of 0.89%, a drop compared to its performance six to nine months ago.

Book your home now at Ultra Luxurious Condominium: New Futura

New Futura

New Futura Condo represents the future if Singapore comprehensive and convenient departments which include all the necessary features which most of the people wanted to have in their dream home. Singapore is one of the best developing countries which is well known for quickly improving and advancing cities of the world.

As the name indicates New Futura includes challenging architectural design which has won the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award for its beauty. This wonderful condo is one of the most beautiful symbolic beacons in the Orchards of the developing buildings of Singapore.

It includes wonderful organic architecture along with curvilinear aluminum canopies spanning around the towers whose dimensions differ at various levels. This wonderful condo includes all the necessary amenities at the distance of a few minutes nearer to it. The other wonderful thing about this condo is that it is well connected to the other parts of the country through public transport.

Luxury and Exclusivity

The design of the New Futura is just a symbol of luxury and exclusivity which includes two massive bronzy lanterns like towers in the Leonie Hill. According to the master plan of this wonderful condominium; it includes 36 stories along with 124 units which will look stunning every night with a dazzling display of lights, illuminating the sky in a glorious riot of colors. This wonderful sight is truly incredible and includes flashing lights which will keep your eyes opened and give you the feeling of otherworldly when crossing nearer to it. The condo is going to have about the range of two to five bedroom type units which will be quite enough to provide you the comfort of lavish home along with panoramic views of the beautiful city.

Location of New Futura

New Futura is going to be established in the heart of the city. The address of this wonderful site is very prestigious i.e. Leonie Hill Drive which you can easily access through Grange Road as well as River Valley Road. It is at just four minutes distance from the famous Marina Bay Sands and CBD. Orchard Road and River Valley are very much close to this amazing condominium. It is just located at an ideal location where residents get indulged in their private world and can also enjoy the glorious view of the Orchard Road. Other most amazing developments nearer to it are Orchard Shopping Belt, Great World City, and Great World MRT Station etc.

New Futura Floor Plan

The developmental plan of the New Futura includes two towers of 36 stories each which will comprise 124 units overall. This condominium will provide you the residential apartments of two bedroom type to five-bedroom penthouses. Also, the size of each apartment will also vary from 1,098 sq ft to 7,825 sq ft. The interiors of each residential apartment will be classically designed in order to provide it a classic look. For more comfort, it will also include fully functional gym and swimming pool.

Rivercove Residences: There’s Always Something To Do

Rivercove EC

The location of the Rivercove Residences EC provides you with the perfect variety of entertainment for the shopaholics, foodies, and athletes. The locality has new restaurants and shops popping up every now and then following the master plan prepared by the Singaporean government.

Amongst the largest attractions close to the Rivercove Residences is the close by Sengkang Sports and Recreational Centre.  This is huge facility prides itself on a 4-story community centre, badminton courts, swimming pools, hockey rinks, soccer fields just to mention but a few. The facility has sufficient space for any sport you and your family would want to take part in. the recreation and sports facility is only one of a kind in that it is situated on a river. This gives room for all types of aquatic activities. These activities may range from canoeing to skiing. There are 5 water slides perfect for the kids, lots of after-school activities and dozens of teams for you to join. All these are readily available for you and your family at the community centre. Adults also have access to the group exercise and fitness coaching classes.

For your shopping needs, Compass One mall has it all. This large shopping mall is located a few minutes from Rivercove Residences and offers all kinds of stores or your convenience. This ranges from an electronic store that sells the latest gadgets to bakeries that have savoury confections not forgetting clothing stores displaying the latest fashion trends. Down the road, right outside the mall, there are some smaller boutiques and cafes.

The Shopping Mall consist of a blend of anchor tenants that include NTUC Fairprice Supermarket, Library, Popular Bookstore, Food Courts, various restaurants and the local banks. Additionally, you can access cinemas such as nearby Punggol Waterway Point and the Shaw Theater at Seletar Mall. Jalan Kayu area is famous for its eateries stretch. It has also been recognized as the new identity node thus it will get major improvements. Its physical environment will have the addition of new pedestrian pavements done through the combined efforts of the local businesses and URA.

There is the Kovan market, which is a 15-minute drive away from the Rivercove Residences. In the close proximity residents of Rivercove will be able to access the Hougang and Buangkok markets to their convenience. Complementary to these are several malls ideal for all the mall lovers. Of these malls is the Seletar malls which are among Singapore’s lavish and biggest malls. All these shopping options, residents will be spoilt for choice when it comes to their wholesale and retail shopping, eateries needs, grocery shopping and all banking possibilities.

Regarding the transport near the Rivercove Residences, there are provisions of buses that especially ply to and from Rivercove condos ensuring the transport needs of the residents are met. Near the Rivercove EC, development is the Thanggam LRT station. With such close-knit connections, the Rivercove residents are assured of transportation options at any time during the day. This also ensures all the transportation needs are all taken care of.

With plenty of nearby amenities and ease of public transportation, Rivercove Residences EC is one of the rare EC to come by in our small country with limited land.


Five Renovations That Don’t Increase Home Appraisal Value

Every house owner needs to do regular upkeep to their home that preserves its present condition. Nevertheless, some house owners choose they wish to enhance their home’s value and marketability. The quantity of value particular enhancements expense might not include as much value as the expense to do it.

House owners are very prejudiced when it’s about their own home. They see the important things they have actually done to it and think dollar for dollar the home’s value must increase with each enhancement. A possible buyer or realty appraiser might be not impressed with specific enhancements, what you need to bear in mind is that what you consider as an important upgrade might not be the same as what the property market views as an important upgrade.

Here is the list:

1. Pool

There aren’t many places in the world where there are home swimming pools. Before building a pool, observe if the community within your home have homes with pools. If swimming pools are not common in your area, it would probably not going to rise up the value of your home. In truth, many possible home buyers see pool as unsafe, costly to preserve and insurance claims waiting to happen. Prospective buyers with kids might actually be turned off by a swimming pool. In-ground swimming pools come at a very high rate, my viewpoint is if buyers in your area would not anticipate a pool then this money is much better invested in other places as you are not most likely recover the expense in a sale or appraisal.

2. Elaborate Landscaping

Home buyers and appraisers certainly value great landscaping, but there is a line where intricate landscaping not includes its comparable in value to what it costs. Remember that the next person purchasing your home might not wish to handle the maintenance work of sophisticated landscaping and might not wish to need to employ an expert landscaper to look after it. An appraiser will also just examine a lot value to landscaping in their report as not a great deal of focus is placed on landscaping by the market.

3. Overbuilding for the Neighborhood

Your area plays a big factor in your home’s value. You do not want a big, sophisticated, 2 storey home surrounded by older cottages. Individuals that will be searching for that kind of home will go to an area where it will be surrounded by comparable homes. Similarly, it will be very hard for an appraiser to find comparable houses in your area and this might cause a lower value being evaluated.

4. High-End Upgrades

Many people are on a stringent budget plan when it concerns home enhancements, so what they will do is they will select a space and do a total remodel including greater end floor covering and totally improve the space. This readies and I understand the method, next time you have some additional funds, select another space and the exact same and after 5 years approximately your home will be completely upgraded. But does that complete remodel of that very first or perhaps 2nd space truly include as much value to your home as it costs? My viewpoint is now, if you complete renovate one space then intend on selling or getting an appraisal the appraiser is visiting the other 80 or 90% of the home is still dated and would be considered a task. An alternative technique may be to take all those funds that you were intending on sinking into a sophisticated restroom and spread them over the entire home, the expense of a complete restroom remodel might renovate the floor covering and paint throughout the whole home and this would be consider far more positively by a possible buyer or appraiser in their evaluation of value than you simply having one high quality space.

5. Unnoticeable Improvements

New pipes, electrical or HVAC may be needed, but do not expect it to be including dollar for dollar value for their expense. Home buyers and appraisers merely anticipate these systems to be approximately date and in excellent working order. These products would be considered more home upkeep than home enhancements.

The Bottom Line

When investing money on your home evaluate why you are doing it, if it is simply for your own convenience and satisfaction without any real intent in adding value then proceed and build that pool. But if you are knowingly attempting to add value to your home then where to invest your restoration spending plan needs a lot more thinking. Think about talking to a real estate agent or appraiser and ask where they feel your funds are best invested to enhance value.

How to Deal With a Low Home Appraisal

Wish to learn the best ways to handle a low home appraisal? In a competitive realty market, a home being sold might participate in a several deals which might possibly raise the purchase cost above the equivalent sales in the area. In a scenario like this, it is possible that the home appraisal for the buyer’s mortgage loan provider will be found lower than the purchase rate. In a realty market that prefers buyers (home costs are soft or decreasing), sellers can also deal with a home appraisal that is lower than what they spent for the home if they purchased your home at the peak of the marketplace. Know that a low home appraisal can happen in any kind of property market.

Why Do Low Appraisals Happen?

Here are a couple of reasons a home appraisals gets low:

  • Inflated home cost because of several deals.
  • Decreasing property market due to a big stock of houses and insufficient buyers
  • The seller has overpriced the home
  • The realty appraiser does not have experience and does not understand the impacts on value
  • The property appraiser improperly chose his equivalent sales for his report which might have led to a lower home value than what ought to have been evaluated
  • Solutions for Low Appraisals

The buyer can pay you the distinction in between the purchase cost you decided upon and the assessed cost in money, you can sell the property for the assessed value and get the distinction from the decided upon greater cost in a swelling amount money payment if the buyer has the ability to do so.

If you are the seller of the home, you do have the alternative of decreasing the asking price. If you do not, you will risk every buyer facing the exact same issue and not having the ability to get a mortgage because of a low appraisal.

The seller can bring a 2nd mortgage for the distinction.

If the buyer feels they definitely need to have your home and you are not going to decrease the asking price and the buyercannot develop a swelling amount to pay you (as discussed in alternative 1) you might accept having them pay to you over an amount of time rather than one time payment.

Get a consultation, have the buyer ask the mortgage lending institution for a list of their authorized appraisers and choose another company on this list and wish for a greater value, you might wind up losing another $300 on an appraisal but appraisers are not ideal and an error might have occurred.

Cancel the deal

Have your real estate agent put in your purchase and sale contract a loan contingency that if the home evaluates for a lower value that you will get your refund (if you’re the buyer). If you are a seller being impacted by a low appraisal propose on of the above options to your buyer if you wish to try and restore the deal.

How Buyer’s and Seller’s Markets Affect Houses for Sale

Absolutely nothing is as unpredictable as a property. Real estate rates might increase or succumb to any variety of factors. Although they can make purchasing your own property somewhat risky, with a bit of understanding, the notified buyer can quickly make the best choice possible when looking at houses for sale.

Buyer’s Market

Basically, a buyer’s market is an outcome of the financial concept of supply and need. In this case, there are more residential or commercial properties in supply (i.e. for sale) than there is a need for them, indicating that those aiming to buy realty have a great deal of options to pick from. Supply and need vary depending upon the number of brand-new consumers get in an area and the number of house owners in the area have actually chosen to remain in their homes.

In these situations, there are a lot of houses for sale, which prefers those thinking about purchasing home. The geographical area and cost varieties are favorable and the expense to purchase is reasonably low. If real estate in an area has the tendency to take more than 6 months to sell, then it is considered a buyer’s market. You can quickly find the number of days a property has been listed on numerous property websites.

Seller’s Market

In a seller’s market, it is more difficult to find houses for sale. The supply is low in contrast to the need to acquire property. Rates are normally a bit greater and homes do not have the tendency to stay noted for as long an amount of time.

When this happens, there are a minimal variety of options. Buyers will have less chance to negotiate-because sellers can amuse other sells-and as an outcome, will pay more than they would in a buyer’s market. Sellers can increase their costs and, as long as the houses evaluate for the asking rate, get more than they otherwise could.

What Stimulates the Change

Similar to anything, real estate residential or commercial properties will change in between scarcity and surplus. While there is no clear decision on the length of time the present phase will last, there are a number of aspects that can affect the supply and need of houses for sale in your area. Things like rate of interest, customer self-confidence, and financial conditions have a high effect. A growing local economy paired with low-interest rates and high self-confidence can lead more people to purchase homes.

Nevertheless, even if more people are purchasing does not mean there are also more people selling. Supply has the tendency to drag the need in property. While you might think that low rates and excellent financial development would stimulate a buyer’s market, it is really more beneficial to sellers. That is because there are more parties contending for a minimal variety of homes.

When the economy decreases, or rates of interest increase, the need lessens. When that occurs, houses for sale will stay listed for longer time periods. With more realty options for sale, certified buyers have much better possibilities of discovering bargains on real estate in their locations. Buyers can typically work out with the seller on a much lower rate than what the seller had actually initially wanted.