How to Go Solar In Your Condo

Solar panels are extremely useful. You can use it to reduce your electricity bills. Thanks to recent developments in solar energy, you can now install these units on your condo roof. However, before you install the units, make sure you understand several things first.

Who owns your roof?

The best place to put the solar panels is on your roof. However, before you install the units, make sure you have every right to put them there. Check your condo purchase agreement to find out whether you can install the solar panels on the roof. Typically, condo roof is a common space. It means you are not the only owner of your roof. Everyone can use it and you should not be bothered with that. For this reason, the responsibilities and maintenance costs of a condo roof are shared equally among unit owners.

If you purchased your condo through a third party, such as Prestige Condo, make sure to check the agreement as well. The clause may differ from one developer to another, so make sure you confirm the ownership of your roof before installing the panels. You may also consult to the condo owners association about this plan and ask their permission.

Learn from the web

Despite the huge benefit, solar panels are still not popular enough today. There is some information that you have to figure out by yourself. For example, you need to figure out which brand that would fit your needs. If your neighbors are also interested in getting the solar panels, a further research might be required to find out the best option for everyone. A solar calculator, for example, can help you to figure out the saving estimate everyone can make from using solar panels compared to conventional electricity.

You need at least 2 – 3 solar panel providers to compare. They should be able to give some insights on this tech, including the best option for your condo (and fellow unit owners). Compare their offer, including the price estimates, and then pick the one that suits your need most.

Do it together with your neighbors

Usually, the best way to get solar panels for your condo is to install them together with other fellow unit owners. By having more people install the panels, you will get more solar exposure, which means more electricity. Even if you have to share it with your neighbors, the amount of electricity you can get is much more than if you install them on your own roof. Besides, by convincing other owners to install the panels on their roof, you can reduce the installation cost. Why should you do it alone when you can convince other people to join this eco-friendly energy movement?

See? The solar panel is not just about one person. The true spirit of a solar energy, as well as other renewable energy, is to make as many people as possible use it. You may be the first person who gets interested in this technology, but as you convince other unit owners, you can create an eco-friendly community.

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